The Gatsby’s Inventor Never Shopped Anywhere Else For His Suit

Jazz and Art Deco are a mixture that The Brooks Brothers, who outfitted the late F. Scott Fitzgerald would have taken a lead from in the costume suit jackets and attire throughout the Great Gatsby film and indeed the 1920’s.gatsby-suit-and-tie Read the rest of this entry »

SteamPunk Jackets Leave Platform


Softly brewing in histories’ design is SteamPunk, a fairly new trend that stems from Victorian couture, todays Cosplay and Gothic styles. The message is simple, age-old tailoring drama with coarse finite detailing and accessorizing.

The best dressers are exclusively Steampunk Couture,

5 Suit Jacket Trends For 2013

Here are five unmissable 2013 suit jacket trends, insights and highlights directly from the London collection Mens Fashion Week in 2013.

#1 Dip dye digital print suit jacket colourings: Richard Nicolls

#2 Jacket pocket/hip contour gusseting: Lou Dalton

#3 Statement Diner Jackets & extreme shawl Lapels: Hackett London


#4 Rebuttitioning traditonal double breast button positioning: Rake


#5 Statement arms; recoloured quilted jacket arms: Agi & Sam

D&G Make Messi’s Statement Jacket And Tie

The latest jacket from Messi is a great example of a carry-away theme this year of statement jackets. Messi’s spotted jacket worn at his 4th Ballon-d’Or award is an exemplary example of formal menwear fashion steeling inspiration from gone era’s, namely Maradonna as the inspiration and even key womenswear patterning. But when it comes to traditionally tailored the unusually patterned materials make the perfect match on the red carpet.


For the best for statement jackets visit Miss. Selfridge for women and Topman for men. Messi’s polka-dotted double breasted tuxedo suit jacket with black satin labels was created by Dolce and Gabbana. NJ

Bradley’s suit jacket changes the Mod in British menswear.

Mark Powell is the man behind Bradley Wiggin’s tailored dark blue velvet double breast white buttoned suit and jacket at the Sports Personality Of The Year Award 2012.


It’s a beautiful garment offering a switch in tailoring towards subtle styling extras that 5 years ago would have been associated with smoking jackets on the backs of mockney rap gangsters, but today in a very different economy it reflects a man who’s pleasure is in his own success and enjoying it devotedly. Available at…

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There’s wax or tweed branded jackets everywhere, but then there’s moleskin suede jackets that brandlessly say englishman as seen on Daniel Craig.

Bruar, Sam Turner, Orvis, Belstaff and ultimately even Oliver Spencer or Vivienne Westwood all have a beautifully distressed soft leather suede overcoats for that silent hunter within you. But for the real deal James Purdey of Mayfair matches Daniel Craig’s suede hunting twill jacket in Skyfall.

For a cheeky sense of unreality though there’s always the American Indian Two Feathers suede jacket. And if you’re really looking for a sensible match to Daniel Craig’s Skyfall suede jacket then a John Norris or William Evan’s dry wax jacket are perfect alternatives. A roll neck from Holland Esquire matches this look perfectly, not to mention 2 black labrodors and a shotgun.

For us though it’s a Farlows or a Musto jacket that are technically the correct fabricated jacket for a shotgun wielded tour of the moors in a DB9. NJ

If you’re wondering what jacket Daniel Craig’s wearing in the Skyfall advert then the search is over.

Tom Ford supplys the really traditional smoking jacket that Daniel Craig’s Bond wears in the film Skyfall. But it’s not widely available on the internet whereas depending on your willingness to own the the full tuxedo then prices start at Oliver Browns and Burtons; then for a really special cut and finish try Favour Brook for their fabric selection – looking always for ‘peaked’ lapels, which give the shoulders that sharp well postured dare we say it Daniel Craig attitude.

These Tuxedos that could otherwise be called dinner jacket and suit is slightly hard to pull off and does carry an NJ warning to wearers who may have little or no build and frame – perhaps bulk up first and then buy or stick to chocolate browns, blacks and dark twings of grays.

The smoking jacket is best otherwise available in colour combinations such as silver or grey and traditionally cut using velvet fabrics. The best advice is to avoid traditional single breast tailoring or circular cut shawl lapels that flair out, especially if you have a thin frame. Although Shawl lapels tuxedo jackets look amazing on women and in both male and female examples a single button is exceptionally classy.

Smoking jackets are loved and adored from rappers to aristocracy but you need the lot… the matching trousers, a black dickee bow (don’t let the colour of a bow tie take all the attention away from your expensive suit and tie it yourself), polished black shoes and preferably not the hand gun!

The typical colour choice for a smokers tuxedo dinner jacket is dark green (normally), so Daniel Craig’s dinner jacket from Skyfall in navy is a huge refreshment to menswear. NJ

The Blanket Jacket is the modern fur, an indulgence in grandeur or otherwise a softly fabricated draping jacket that snuggly holds around the body but dramatically flows in line around the waist.  Available from Burberry.

Winter Jackets in 2012 are a tug-a-war between fabrics and cuts but choosing a classic fabrication of a bomber jacket is a result!

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Cheap Military Jacket wearers and designers forget the sash.

Double sashes take it too far but balance a military jacket; Read the rest of this entry »

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