Okay so you’re happy to spend the money on a Softshell Jacket that’ll actually do more for the money. What does more for the best? Here’s a review of the fabrics and softshell jackets that work.

The Doers:

You might by now have heard of Gore-tex? Well it works but Gore-Tex- isn’t always ‘Cool, you see Gore-Tex jackets tend to be all serious and no style. Their are 3 Gore-tex fabrics to mix; Comfort shell, soft shell and pro shell.

Gore-tex is well priced for the value you get, plus there are many cuts and styles on offer so it is the perfect go to getter.

Wrong Doers:

Leathers will never cut it as simple softshell jacket layers. Yes they’re waterproof, no they’re not going to do the breathable job that technology like Gore-tex and even nylons can provide… you don’t want to break a sweat right?!

Sometimes the ultimate softshell jacket buy is something simple, nicely branded and waterproof e.g. A brave coloured Yellow Barbour or a really blow the bank ‘why not it’s a jacket that lasts forever’ – softshell with all the trimmings.

The secrets going to be buying a softshell jacket that doesn’t just have 1 use like walking the dog or cycling. The secret is to get the most for your money and that means more fashion and more pride in paying more to be seen in more.

Other Ideas:

For Camping,

The Advantex DWR fabric (like Gore tex),

Ugg Softshell for ladies.

Photo: Thanks to Christian for the Ski shot.